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Hello, there!

Hello good people. it's been a long time yaa gak sapa kalian semua. Kali ini, postingan blogku santai seperti di pantai LOL. Engga. bercanda. Jadi ceritanya sekarang aku join usaha olshop gitu, samaaaa, emmm, sama "doi" haha XD Ya kali aja usaha bisa lancar, bisa buat bekal nikah. Ya ga? Sekarang udah gak jaman pacaran cuman seneng-seneng doang, minta duit orang tua! (sebenernya aku juga masih sih T^T)

Oke jadi aku mau promosi akun olshop kita gitu (cieee kita). Kalian bisa follow akunnya di instagram dengan username: arumaonlineshop.

Apasih Aruma Online Shop? Store kita yang menjual baju wanita, laki-laki, dan anak-anak, dan juga tas wanita. Harganya terjangkau kok, tidak usah khawatir karena aku juga mahasiswa yang paham kondisi kantong =D

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Jaman sekarang sudah malas yaaaa beli baju di toko, buka smartphone kalian saja barang bisa sampai dengan mudah ^^
Oiya, produk bisa COD Yogyakarta area UGM, Kotagede (Rabu dan minggu sore/malam) selokan Mataram, dan Amplas.

Segitu aja cuap-cuapnya, semoga kalian suka. Selamat malam :)

Minggu, 03 Juli 2016


Managing Time is The Power of Success by an English Literature Department Chief

As we know, we need a lot of things to fulfill our life. Therefore, everybody has a lot of activities. We do so many different activities, and we should do these. My question is, did we do all activities well? If it didn’t, why can it happen? I think it is about time management. Before we begin to manage our time, it is batter to know what time is. Joe mathews thinks that there are two types of time: clock time and real time. In clock time, there are 60 seconds in aminute, 60 minutes in an hour, 24 hours in a day, and 365 days in a year. All time passes equally. When someone turns 50, they are exactly 50 years old, no more or less. In real time, all time is relative. Time flies or drags depending on what we are doing. Two hours at the department of motor vehicle can feel like 12 years. And yet the 12-year-old child seem to have grown up in two hours. Which time describes the world in which we really live? Organizing the clock time to finish our duties can also organize our real time.
Her name is Tribuana Sari. She is one of lecturers in English Literature Department of Jenderal Soedirman University. She had been teaching since 2006 in UNSOED. Beside lecturing, she is the chief of English Literature Department. She teaches many subjects, but Reading is the subjects she teaches for learning skill. She taught 16 hours a week. It was not only in one place, but two faculties in UNSOED. Realizing the fact, she was difficult to manage her time and she confused to continue her research.  After the changing of the time, she feels more better to do all her duties. Now, she is only teaching 8 hours a week. Besides, she has to control and manage everysingle thing of the prody.
She has two sons. She taught her sons to be independent because of Mrs. Nana’s busy schedule. Children have a drive to be independent and do things on their own. This is a healthy part of normal child development. As children grow, they  learn to do more and more tasks. It providers can help young children become independent by allowing and encouraging them to take responsibility for themselves whenever possible. They learn so much from doing things for themselves. When children practice self-help skills, they practice their large and small motor skills, gain confidence in their ability to try new things and build their self-esteem and pride in their independence.
For the last session, she gave her arguments about the student university. Student university is an independent person. They do not bind any group or community, it is diffirent with student in senior high school. They don’t wear any uniform or any symbol because they are independent. However, they can’t balance their independent with their acts. It is a usual thing to be late to come to class. It is because they can’t manage their time well. Therefore, be wary about the time! Nobody can help you except you. In conclusion, to be able to do everything to be success, managing time is the key.

Senin, 23 Mei 2016


Lelaki Terindah
Author             : Andrei Aksana
Nationalty       : Indonesia
Editor              ; Hetih Rusli
Publisher         : PT Gramedia Pustaka Utama
Year                : April, 2004
Pages              : 224 pages

            “Lelaki Terindah” is a novel which explains about the life of gay. Gay is sex love story between man and man, and it usually calls “homosexual”. Rafky and Valent are the characters of this novel. Rafky was a handsome man that had muscular and proportional body. Everybody would love him at first sight, and it included men. While Valent was a handsome man as well, but he had a feminine side in his body. Valent’s father had been passed away since he was child, so Rafky who had strenght came to cover Valent that never feel an affection from his father. They loved each other until the world knew their love was a mistake. It was begun from their meeting in Bangkok, Thailand.
            The love story was begun from their meeting directly in Thailand. They came to Thailand to spend their holiday. They realized that their love was wrong, but they could not stop to love each other. The love story continued until they came back to Indonesia. They attempted to cover their love from the closest people, but gradually everyone knew. Everyone against their love, especially Valent’s mother and both their girlfriends.
Actually the interesting thing of this novel is the attendance of the third party. It was a writer given a job by Rafky to write his gay love story. I don’t know exactly the gender of the writer, but in ending Rafky asked the writer to stay with Rafky. The writer of course refused it. Actually, it makes me disappointed. In my opinion, Rafky only loved  Valent, but why Rafky asked the writer to stay with him? The plot of this scene was weird. This novel did not explain the process of Rafky and the writer’s relationship clearly. Was it Andrei Aksana himself? I asked myself whether the story was a real story or not.
            There are a lot of poetry in this novel. Andrei Aksana is well in making poem. Aku mencintaimu karena aku mencintaimu. Sesederhana itu. (I love you because I love you. It is simple). This is my favorite one of his poetry. I don’t like some poetry because they are placed in a wrong part. The poetry do not relate with the scene, and it confused me. I think the plot moves fast. I think 224 pages is not enough to explain the whole story, especially the story of Rafky and Valent, and the writer. In my opinion, the character of Valent is too weak. Although he had a disease, he was still a man. It made difficult me to imagine this character. The story touched me so much. The story was very dramatic and sad, especially when Valent was not allowed by his mother to meet Rafky, but Rafky always tried to come and see Valent.
            Over all, this novel made me cried in ending since Valent died. This novel tells that love can grow whatever it wants, no matter how hard the process. Good job ANDREI AKSANI ^^

Selasa, 19 April 2016


Arum Melawati S – Short Story

“Mom dad, I am going to school. Bye... ”
I left my house that morning. It was the first day after the summer holiday. Yeah.. I should be back to school and attend boring classes. Sometimes I think how pleasant being a collage student.
            Ah I almost forget to introduce myself. I am Isabella Jung, people call me Bella. I have a family name in the last, see? It is because my father is Korean. We live in Los Angeles where my mother was born in, and I am the only child of my parents. How lonely I am!
I rushed to go the halte bus and waited it. As usual I waited for someone. He was my best boyfriend, I meant  the real boy-friend.

Jim, I am here. Hurry. Sent a message for him.

His name is Jimin Park, same with me, he has the descendant of Korean, that is why we know each other well. He has, yeah I should acknowledge that he has beautiful eyes and sometimes he looks cute. Whenever he smiles, his eyes almost close, that is one of Asian physical characteristics. But not for me, my face is 90% same with my mom. A type of western people.
Jimin did not reply my message, but five minutes later I saw he came to me. No need a long time our bus were coming and we took the bus immadiately.
The school was very crowded that morning. Actually I really despised that condition, whereas lots of seniors walked around and talked everything. Sometimes they teased us, Jim became populer because of his Asian face. So many girls like him in this school, and me, always disturbed by the boy in front of me now.
“WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW?” he screamed to us.
Justin, scaring boy, senior grade 3, had a big bevy, fight was his hobby, everybody scared of him, and now we would have a big problem with him.
“Don’t you have eyes to see us? Is there a problem mister?”
I answered calmly. I glanced to Jim, and he looked scare. Oh please Jim.. don’t do that and help me. I said inner.
“So why did you go to school together?! Why did you take him to go to school TOGETHER?!”
“That’s not your business mister.” I answered.
I towed Jim’s arm and went to my class immadiately. I did not want to make bad my first day. I left him without anyword again and looked at him anymore. I could see the angry face of him but I tried to ignore it. I should go far away from him soon. Go bella go....
The best moment in school is the resting time, as at least I could relax my muscles and of course asked some food from Jimin. Actually I was not really close with my classmeets even the girls because I liked more to spend my time with Jim. I knew that Jim did not really like to always go somewhere with me owing on the fact that he had his own friends, but he could not refuse me.
“Are you kidding me? I won’t help you. I don’t want to have a problem with Justin.” Said Jim.
“Oh come on Jim, the game is starting. You are the only my bestfriend. I can’t depend on others except you.”
“How if they kill me?”
“There is no one can touch you, including Justin. Trust me.” Answerd me with grabbed his hands convincing him.
            The door slammed by someone suddenly. Everybody focused on the source of sound. I  knew who he is, and it was right. That was Justin. He immadiately came to the table where I and Jim sat now. He grabbed my hand and pull hard. I was shocked of his behavior.
“You have a business with me.” Said Justin to Jim.
He pulled out me hard from the class and took me somewhere. He walked fast without care about me and situation arround. I could feel my hand was painful of his grip.
“Justin, stop! It is hurting me!” Said me about to cry.
Justin took me to the back of the school directly. People had decided to go away after saw Justin than should have a problem with him. Here he released my hand roughly. Then I tried to caress my hand.
“Are you going to kill me? Then you should grab my neck not my hand!”
“Are you going to kill me too? Why did you showed affection with him in front of others?”
“What do you mean with affection? I don’t do anything false with him.”
“So you shouldn’t go to school with him even tow his arm.”
“He is my friend even I have known him well before I met you.”
“Not that you can do everything you want. I am still your boyfriend.”
“Boyfriend? My boyfriend is someone who can always keep his promise and hold what he says.”
“I am.... I am sorry for this. I can’t keep my promise to not fight again but please listen to me. I couldn’t see my friend beaten by someone else so I helped him. Believe that I absolutly didn’t want to fight again. Bella... trust me.”
“You always use your violence to solve a problem.”
I went away from him, left him alone. He really disapponted me. You know? Seeing him fight was something that I really hated. I really dislike finding some injures in his body. It would make me afraid, afraid that sometimes he gets badly wounded and he can’t stand up again. These thought made me crazy. I should go to the garden, at least I can comfort my mind.
            The flowers already had blossoms. They were very beautiful. They were such a lovely things that made me comfort harmoniously. Butterflies flew into the flowers and alighted their peaks. They perfected them beautifully. Usually I would spray water on them in my resting time. I did not know who sprayed them when I got my holiday. They really looked beautiful.
            Where is Jim? I didn’t see him in the class whereas the class would hold. He was a dilligent student, so impossible for him to leave even one class.
“Do you know where Jimin had gone?” Asked me to Rafael, Jim’s table-mate.
“I saw Justin met him and talked something then they went away.”
Justin, what did he do to Jimin? Oh God please avoid me from a problem. These guys couldn’t make my life better.
“Excuse me Sir, could you please permit me to go bathroom?”
“Thank you Sir.”
Where should I find them? First I went to bathroom in order that I didn’t lie my teacher. I went into Men’s room, nothing. There was not them. Where were they? Were they in the yard? I went to the yard soon. I speeded up my steps. But, nothing. Garden. Nothing. Canteen. Nothing. I knew... I brought my legs to the back school, and exact they were there. I saw Justin was grabbing Jimin’s neck band and going to box him.
“STOP!” Yelled me.
They turned to me immadiately. Justin released his hands on Jimin and Jimin fell down to the ground with some bruises in his face. I did not know how much Justin hited him. I came close to Justin.
“Bella....” Called Justin.
*PLAAAAKKKK* I slapped his cheek.
“What did you do to him? What are you doing now? He even didn’t do anything. Box me if you want. How an evil person you are.”
“Me? I am jealous of him. He is always beside you, everytime and everywhere. I even can’t do it with you. You always ask him help, not me. You always call him, not me. You always come to him, NOT ME. So what am I for you?”
“I think you can separate what is love and what is friendship, but I am wrong.”
I just looked at him and closed my  mouth. My heart was hurt, he never scream on me like this. Suddenly...
“Happy birthday to you... happy birthday to you... happy birthday Justin.. happy birthday to you..”
His friends came from my back to Justin and brought a birthcake for him. I could see he confused about what happened that time. He looked into me.
“What is that?” Asked him.
“What do you mean? Today is your born day right?”
“But what all is that?”
I came close to him. I hugged him.
“Happy birthday Justin, I am sorry for all my faults. I can’t be perfect for you. I can’t give you special gift. I can’t understand you well. That is all my bad.”
He released me slowly, then looked into my eyes.
“You are perfect for me. You do everything for me. This stupid boy can’t understand you well. This bad boy always fight and hurt his body. I am sorry..”
He hugged me tight then I did as well. All people clapped, include Jimin. Jimin, thank you. You were really my bestfriend.
We smiled together.

Ahhhh I don't know this is my really first time to write story in English. I think my story is really mainstream at all. Actually I have written some stories in Indonesian, but English is very hard one. Hopefully you enjoy my story :)

Minggu, 10 April 2016


Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted

Animated comedy fiction
Directed by
Eric Darnell
Conrad Vernon
Tom McGrath
Produced by
Mireille Soria
Mark Swift
Screenplay by
Eric Darnell
Noah Baumbach
Based on
Characters created by Tom McGrath and Eric Darnell
Ben Stiller
Chris Rock
David Schwimmer
Jada Pinkett Smith
Sacha Baron Cohen
Cedric the Entertrainer
Andy Richter
Tom McGrath
Jessica Chastain
Bryan Cranston
Martin Short
Frances McDormand
Music by
Hans Zimmer
Edited by
Nick Fletcher
Production company
Frameworks Animation Pacific Data Images
Distributed by
Paramount Pictures
Release date
May 18, 2012 (Cannes Film festival)
June 8, 2012 (United States)
Running time
93 minutes
United States
Movie Review
Madagascar3: Europe’s Most Wanted is an America 3D computer-animated comedy film which published at 2012, and produced by DreamWorks Animation and distributed by Paramount. It is the third installment of the Madagascar series, a sequel to Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, and it is the first series to be released in 3D.

That is an amazing animation movie of animals. The story is very complicated. First it began from many days after biding the penguins goodbye, Alex suggested to his friends (Marty, Melman and Gloria) and the lemurs that they should go to Monte Carlo to get penguins and the chimpanzees and flew back to the New York where they were from and they agreed to do. Alex very missed his home, that was the zoo where they lived together. To go home, Alex and friends got many problems.

 Alex and his friends
The biggest problem was there was a policewoman named Dubois who wanted to catch Alex and always chased to him wherever he ran.
Captain Chantel Dubois

I like the story. It is completely interesting movie. It contains of live story, specifically social live. Alex and friends met a circus animal group unintentionally when they were trying to go New York. They were perforce to admit that they were circus animals as well so that they could hide themselves from the police. It was such a lucky day to them as the circus group believes that Alex and friends were circus animals. They were become close friends with the animal circus, especially Gia, Vitaly, and Stefano. Alex was trying to be a circus animal. They were preparing the show to interest promotor to take them to go the New York. Unfortunately, Vitaly, the leader of the circus group, did not want to join the show and he was going to leave them. Vitaly was frightened to join the show because he had ever fired when he was jumping to the small fire hoop. But, the show would never hold without Vitaly. Alex tried to make Vitaly realize that no one could make him be afraid because he was strong, and loved to do impossible thing. We could see the social value of this scene.  How Alex with his responsibility made Vitaly realize and came back to the circus. In addition, this film can be watched by all people. It is good for children even for adult people.
Vitaly, Stefano, and Gia.

I love the comedy one. It is undoubtedly one of the funniest movie I watched. Every characters is very excellent to make this movie interested to watch. The dubbing are very good and fit with all the characters in that film. I like the sound tracts, especially “Firework – Katy Perry” that is playing when the best circus show held. That song motivates us.

One thing that really impressed me is the computer graphics. How beautiful the drawer draws the animation, it is really amazing with all graphics and the colors. They really look like alive although they are animal animations, the story still touch the audiences. They really pushed the hardware to the limit.
It ends happily with Alex and his friends can be back home and stay together with the circus group. Alex and his friends decide to permanently join the circus to pursue their adventures. While, Dubois and her henchmen are in boxes bound going to go Madagascar so that Alex and friends do not see them many more.

Overall, in my opinion, this film is truly an amazing one.